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Beyond Two Souls final cover

The final cover art for Beyond: Two Souls

 Beyond: Two Souls is an interactive drama action adventure video game made by Quantic Dream, the developers that created the award winning 2010 game Hevy Rain. It was released in North America, Australia, the European Union and Japan in October 2013. It features motion capture and voice acting by Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe


Warning! Spoilers ahead Edit

The game centers around Jodie Holmes (voiced by Ellen Page) who has been connected to a spirit named Aiden since the day she was born. When she is left by her foster parents she is raised by Nathan Dawkins (voiced by Willem Dafoe) And Cole Freeman (voiced by Kadeem Hardison) who are researching the Infraworld in a fictional United States in a place called the Department of Paranormal Activities (DPA).

The game begins with Jodie trying to remember her past, her living inside a sealed military base. When she is older she goes to work for the CIA in various missions that require her and Aiden working together to steal top secret documents and kill high value targets. On her last mission she runs away from the CIA and becomes a fugitive on the run. Befor she becomes a fugitive she meets a CIA agent named Ryan Clayton (voiced by Eric Winter) who she at first hates but a romantic relationship between Jodie and Ryan can develop.

The player can switch modes between Aiden and Jodie with you going from top secret missions at the CIA, to a young Jodie playing in the street, to working with a Native-American family in the desert and with a homeless group trying to survive the winter.

In the end after Jodie and Ryan have shut down the Black Sun, Jodie can choose between life and death, if you choose life Aiden will be ripped from Jodie and sent back into the Infra-World. If you choose death, you watch over those you left behind in the real world (depending on who survived).


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