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Red Faction is one of the main factions in the Red Faction series. Originally, Red Faction were a militant group  thatf
300px-RF Logo

Logo of the Red Faction from Red Faction: Guerrilla

ounded in the year 2075 by groups of martian miners who were being virtually enslaved by the Ultor Corporation. This led to fighting between the two factions in what would be known as the First Martian Revolution, in which they were victorious with the help of the Earth Defense Force .

Red Faction was also laer involved in Earth's politic once they became he transitional government of Earth after the ended Commonwealth Civil War which ended five years after it started.

Over the next 50 years, the Red faction may have seemed to have melted away in the eyes of those on Earth but Red Faction was forgotten amongst the colonists of Mars. Finally after 50 years of fading away, Red Faction returned to Mars after the governance of the Earth Defense Force turned sour which ressurected the seemingly dead faction and they began to resist the EDF's regime which quickly led to the beggining of the Second Martian Revolution of 2125.

After Red Faction liberated Mars from the EDF, they suddenly became the military peace-keeping wing of the colonist state. In the years after the fall of the EDF, the Red Faction began to rack down the remnants of the EDF after the Revoulution and up until, 2150, they had believed them to be wiped of the face of Mars until the terrorist group White Faction was formed by remnants of the EDF. Tis group was eventually defeated by Red Faction